Start the journey now.
         The best is yet to come.



You have made a very positive choice by beginning the process of counseling. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, family issues or other difficulties, you have made an important first step. Just by seeking counseling, you are on your way to making some positive changes in your life.

For many people, considering counseling is a big decision. I understand it can be a bit intimdating to enter this new and sometimes frightening process. My approach is to make your therapy as easy as possible with a caring and compassionate therapy style.
Every day we are faced with choices. We can make positive changes, negative changes or make no changes at all and stay in the same uncomfortable place . It is my assumption by choosing to explore counseling you are ready to make choices to begin some positive changes in your life. Congratulations.... you are worth it! Life is actually very short and we all deserve to live it to our fullest potential and find happiness.
In therapy we will work together to help you find the choices you have available to you and begin facilitating the changes that will assist you in living life in a happier more fulfilled way.
Just as life is a journey, so is starting therapy. I look forward to working with you in choosing a new path to begin your exciting new journey.
The choice is yours!

I look forward to hearing from you to set up your fist appointment.


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